I’m Miserable

Jake gave me my trigger shot last night and I feel awful. If Future Belle is reading this, as she prepares for another IVF Cycle, she probably doesn’t remember the intense discomfort of ovaries the size of clementines. “Discomfort” is the favorite word of all doctors, apparently, when I’d be more inclined to declare it “pain.” My entire mid-section feels swollen and my belly is bruised from three shots a day, sometimes four. I have over 30 follicles and look like a honeycomb on the ultrasounds. Sitting upright hurts. They put me on pills to avoid OHSS, because my estrogen is so high, so hopefully, after tomorrow’s retrieval, the pain will subside, but the primary side effect of said prescription is dizziness. The worst part, of course, is that this could all be for nothing… again. I’d do it a dozen times, were I guaranteed a family, but alas, there are no guarantees with IVF… one of the many joys of fertility struggles.

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