Day 2

7 Embryos

3 A’s
2 B’s
2 C’s

One nurse who doesn’t know how to read an embryologist’s report.


I was devastated yesterday, when the nurse called and told me that we “only” had seven surviving embryos, because Jake’s sperm was so poor. I assumed that meant those wouldn’t make it, either, since I’m pretty limited in my knowledge of… embryology? Apparently she was, too, however, because when Jake called the clinic today, because his wife wouldn’t get out of bed, he was told that we were doing well with just under half of our mature eggs making it through ICSI. Our embryos hadn’t been graded yet, but they weren’t concerned that they’d die overnight. Meanwhile, I was Googling sperm donors and trying to figure out how we’d come up with another $15,000 to try again, between naps. I was certain we’d been through all of this for nothing and I was still in a lot of discomfort from my retrieval.

The nurse called me in the afternoon, however, with the results of the embryo grading. Apparently they never give A’s and we had three. Most pregnancies are from B’s and we had two. We’re scheduled for a Day Five Transfer and won’t hear anything else over the weekend.


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